Custom license billing is here!

We are pleased to announce our custom license billing is now available!

This allows you to simply and easily bill for any other licenses that you charge per mailbox per month.

This is a perfect option for billing your clients for products like

  • Exclaimer
  • Skykick
  • Backupify
  • Veeam O365 Backup
  • Storagecraft O365 Backup
  • Cloudberry
  • Bigger Brains
  • Avepoint
  • Backupify

This new feature of Sync 365 License will let you create a custom license to bill to connectwise manage automatically. You can have it create the quantity from either

  1. Count of user mailboxes
  2. Count of shared mailboxes
  3. Count of combined user and shared mailboxes
  4. Mirror the quantity of one of your office 365 licenses

User Centric Billing

You could even utilize this new feature to bill for your managed solution when you are billing clients per user.

Easily keep the user count correct on your managed solution to ensure you are always billing for the right amount of users

You can find out more on our knowledgebase article

Get started now with Sync 365 License and automate your Office 365 billing!