Azure Billing – Bill in Advance

We are excited to announce some of our newest functionality to our Azure Billing module. This has come from some requests of our awesome customers and we are excited to announce its availability in production!

Bill in advance!

This enhancement allows you to bill your azure customers in advance and pro-rate their usage each month going forward.
Lets say you are starting up a new customer on Azure and you have estimated roughly $1000/month of usage. Great!

Set them up in Sync 365 License, set your estimate to $1000 for the first month, choose the level of detail to display on the invoice and start your first sync!

From herein when you upload your azure consumption csv, we will analyse their actual usage, compare it to their estimated usage and provide a prorate of either a discount or an addition on their next bill.

Lets take a quick look at this.

  1. Add the customer and set the bill in advance option.
  2. We are setting this to 700 as their estimate and clicking Sync now to put it straight into their Connectwise agreement.
  3. The month has completed and we have our Azure reconciliation file. This gets uploaded to S365L for processing, their actual consumption for the month was $599.23 so we are providing a prorate credit of $100.77 to line them up with the estimate of $700. Total invoice this month for $498.46
  4. And so on, we continue to keep the prorate in sync to allow you to effectively bill your customer in advance for Azure.

Line Item Summary on invoice

Another key feature that is out with this release is 2 new ways to display your Azure information on the invoices.

This allows you to keep your invoices nice and clean while still relaying information about your azure services to your customer.

Combine Service Name – Display each service name as a summary and select to show quantity or amount

Combine Service Name and Service Type – Display each service name and its type as a summary and select to show quantity or amount

Thank you for all of your suggestions and feature request. We love getting to develop and roll them out to you!

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