September feature releases

We are happy to announce a number of new features that have rolled into production this month.

A number of them have been feature requests by our partners that we have been delivering.

Sync Office 365 Users to Connectwise Contacts (beta release)

When adding or editing a company in Sync 365 License, you will have the option to sync the contacts to Connectwise.

This will regularly synchronise active Office 365 Contacts into Connectwise.
This is currently in a beta release stage.

This will create and update from Office 365

  • First and Last name
  • Email address
  • Office phone number
  • Mobile phone number

You can also specify to Update Existing Contacts. This will match based on email address and then any changes we will update.

Please provide any feedback on this feature to

Local currency symbol

From your settings you can now select the currency symbol you would like displayed throughout the platform. You can select from Dollar, Pound and Euro.

Simply select your option and save it to update the changes and we will use this everywhere we have a currency symbol.
Including your Azure Consumption usage on connectwise agreements.

Set Amount billing for Azure

You can now create an Azure billing profile that will add the addition at a fixed price.

This is perfect for if you have sold Azure services to a customer at a monthly rate i.e. $1000/month.

This will allow you to capture the azure costs and product detail into the product but keep it set to the rate you have provided the customer.

Another scenario is if you may be selling it on a per user basis. You can create a $0 line item which still shows the azure resources and captures your costs, but allows you to use your per user line item as the one to bill them with.

Bulk add companies

To simplify the process of adding multiple companies, we have created a bulk add company feature. This will list out all Office 365 tenants that have not been added and allow you to match them to a connectwise company in bulk.

You can read more about this and how to do it here

Exclude added tenants by default

When going to add a new company, by default the list will now filter out any Office 365 Tenants that are already added to the system. This makes it easier for you to select tenants and get them added in.

Minimum License Quantity

You may have a scenario where you bill for a minimum number of licenses. i.e. 10x Managed Users is the minimum charge.

With our new Minimum license quantity feature, you can specify the minimum quantity in a license when connecting it with your Connectwise agreement.

Now if that license count goes below your minimum quantity, we will still keep it at your minimum license quantity.