Upcoming Features

Find out more about upcoming features and enhancements to Sync 365 License.

Automate your 3rd party license billing

With this hot new feature, you will be able to automate invoicing for your customers for ANY PRODUCT you sell on a per mailbox rate.

A great example of this is Exclaimer signatures.

This new function will allow you to link a billing profile for Exclaimer to your customers agreement in Connectwise Manage to allow a seamless billing experience.
Don’t waste time each month manually checking the licenses and invoicing for them!

Other great examples of licenses this function will allow you to bill for are:

  • Exclaimer signatures
  • Mailcleaner
  • GFI Mail essentials
  • Trend Micro Antispam
  • Backupify
  • Anything priced on a per mailbox model

Unbilled 365 Tenant Alert

Have you ever added a new customer to Office 365, and part of your process may have broken down and you have missed creating an agreenebt so they get invoiced?

Well this will be a thing of the past!
As long as you have been granted delegated admin to your customers Office 365 Tenant, we will alert you if they have not been added into Sync 365 License.

This means if you have missed a client at any stage, we can help keep it front of mind by sending you an alert either daily/weekly/monthly so you can jump in, add the tenant and enjoy automated Office 365 License billing!