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User and notification preferences

In Sync 365 License, you can modify your user and notification by clicking Tools and Logs > Settings

In here you can modify your user options. These include

  • Notification email (Parent account only)
  • What you receive notifications on (Parent account only)
  • Notification frequency (Parent account only)
  • Display name
  • Password change
  • User preferences

Alert Options

You can select from the following alert notifications to receive

  • No billing profile assigned = Notify when there is no billing profile linked to a license.
    • Used to ensure you are billing for licenses you supply
  • Unused licenses = Alert when there is licenses not assigned to an account.
    • Used to allow you to cancel unused licenses
  • Invalid Auth Notification
    • Used to alert if we are having issues retrieving data from Microsoft for your account
  • Tenant not added notification = Alerts if you have tenants in your Partner account that are not added to Sync 365 License
    • Used to save you from missing billing customers
  • Notification for shared mailboxes with licenses assigned = This notification will let you know for any added customers shared mailboxes that have licenses assigned to them.
    • Perfect to catch those accounts you have closed down but not removed the licenses from!
    • Any Shared mailboxes you have that need a license, you can exclude reporting on that license type for that tenant via the exclude link

User preference options

Your user preference options do the following:
Ticking “Delegated Admin” will default the add company page to have delegated admin selected by default

Ticking “Show names on invoice” will default the option when linking your Office 365 license to have this option on by default.

Additionally you can enable Multi Factor Authentication Here. See more information here

https://www.sync365license.com/knowledge-base/multi-factor-authentication/(opens in a new tab)

Currency Symbol

By default we will use the $ symbol where applicable throughout Sync 365 License. Depending on your location you can update this to be either the $, £ or €

Select your option and click save

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