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Override start date for initial sync

When performing your initial set up of Sync 365 License, it is common that you would have already been billing your customers. One feature we have is to override the start date when you first set up your customers.

This allows you to time the product in line with cancelling the current addition and saves you a lot of time.

For example, you could set the start date to the 1st of next month and cancel the current date for the end of the current month. This will then pick up the billing smoothly and allow you to move forward. (Hint: If you are coming from CloudConsole, check out our bulk addition cancel tool)

  1. Log into S365L
  2. Open the customer and license you would like to sync
  3. Tick the box for “Allow override date” and enter the date you would like it to start from
  4. You can now save the addition (or sync it now) and it will start with the start date you selected.
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