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Office 365 Contact Sync to Connectwise

When adding/editing a company, you can select to update the contacts into Connectwise. You can also allow us to update existing contacts in your Connectwise for that customer.
This page will give you some information around what we will sync and how this works.

We will only sync licensed contacts from Office 365 into Connectwise.
When a contact becomes inactive in Office 365, we will set them to inactive in Connectwise.
If there is an active contact in Office 365 and it matches an inactive contact in Connectwise, we will reactivate that contact.

NOTE: We will only inactivate a contact we have been managing I.e. if you have active contacts in connectwise that are inactive users in Office 365, we will NOT set them to inactive in Connectwise unless we have synchronised them while they are active.

We will only update existing contacts when “Update existing contact” is selected.
When this option is NOT selected, we will match any existing contacts and do nothing further and create any new contacts from Office 365.

Blank Fields in Office 365

Any fields that are blank in Office 365 will not overwrite the information already in Connectwise. I.e. you have the Title of a contact in Connectwise, but this is blank in Office 365. We will update their name etc but leave the title as is (unless that field changes in Office 365)

Fields we Sync to Connectwise

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Title
  • Phone Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Email address

Note: We use the Custom user field 10 item in Connectwise to store linking data to the relevant Office 365 Contact. It is highly unlikely that this is in use by anyway.

Contact Changes

We are using Office 365 as the source of truth and will only update contacts in Connectwise from changes in Office 365.
If you modify a contact name in Connectwise, we will not resync this or update it unless the name is change in Office 365.


You can configure these options by either adding or editing a company you have added into the system.

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