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Notifications for tenants you have not added

Gone are the days where you set up a new office 365 tenant but miss adding them to be billed!

A new unique feature that we have released, is the ability to detect Office 365 Tenants that you have delegated admin access to, but have not added into Sync 365 License.

This can help you prevent missing out on billing a client that you set up.

Enabling tenant not added notification

  1. Log into Sync 365 License
  2. Click on Tools and Logs > Settings
  3. Select Edit Profile
  4. Tick the notification for “Tenant Not Added” and save it
  5. You will now have access to an “Exclude Tenant” link to exclude any ones you have not added which you do not want to be notified about
  6. You will now be alerted based on your selected notification frequency of any tenants you have not added
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