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Monthly Customer User Reports

With our monthly customer user reports, you can easily send a report each month to one of your customers detailing their end users and what licenses they have assigned.

Adding Your Logo

  1. Open up Tools and Logs > Settings
  2. Scroll down and upload an image in the “Logo for Monthly Report and User Portal. (Make sure the image is smaller than 502×81 pixels. Jpg or png.

Schedule a Customer Report

  1. Open the Companies page
  2. Open the customer you would like to setup a report for
  3. Click the “Monthly Report” tab
  4. Enter in the details and the email you would like the report to go to 
  5. You can tick “also send a report now” to send a report straight away
The report will now be scheduled to send on that day of the month.
Any reports you have added will show in the list below. You can download the pdf of any sent reports by viewing that report record.
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