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End User Self Service Portal (Direct CSP Only)

We have released Version 1 of our End User Portal. *Additional costs may apply

Version 1 Features

  • Grant access and different security levels to an end user for their company
  • Adjust quantities of existing subscriptions
  • Add a custom logo for the portal

End User Permissions

  • View – Can view the company licenses but not change anything
  • Modify – Can view the company licenses and also edit license quantities
  • Admin – Can view the company licenses and also edit license quantities and add new license types (when feature is available)


  • NCE Licenses cannot have their quantity decreased. Only increased (for the time being).


To enable the end user portal you must do the following.

  1. Activate Direct CSP functions
    1. Open the Companies page and select the “Delegated Admin” tab.
    2. On the delegated admin that you would like to enable Direct CSP, click the Cog in the actions section
    3. Select a tenant to test against and click yes.
    4. If we get a successful response from Microsoft you will see a message saying that Direct CSP status has been set.
  2. Set a custom logo (optional)
    1. Click Tools and Logs > Settings
    2. Down the bottom you will see “Logo for Monthly Report and End User Portal”
    3. Upload a logo here, max size: 502px x 81px
  3. Enable End User Portal
    1. Open one of your added customers, there will now be an “End User Portal” tab
    2. Enable the portal and expand users.
    3. From here you can add a user to manage this company in the end user portal.
      1. End Users can only log in via the “Sign in with Microsoft” option, so this must be an email address that is connected to Microsoft 365 (Can be any tenant)

You can now log in with that email account at https://sync.s365l.com

Version 2 Features (Coming First half of 2023)

  • Ability to add new subscriptions
  • Create products for sale profiles to limit what products an end user can order
  • Whitelabel the URL for the end user portal
  • Automatic mapping of billing profiles to PSA agreements
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