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Customer Discounts

The Customer Discounts function allows you to easily apply discounts to specific license billing profiles and have an expiry of when the discounts will stop.

This is a great option to either provide a discount for a certain period of time, or an ongoing discount for a customer.

Version 1 of this release only allows applying 1 discount profile to a customer.

Create Discount Profiles

  1. Select the “Billing Profile” menu
  2. Click on the “Customer Discounts” tab
  3. Click the + next to customer discounts to create a profile
    1. Name your discount profile
    2. Set the % discount
    3. Tick all billing profiles you would like the discount to apply to.
    4. Save the discount profile

Apply Discount to a Customer

  1. Open the customer from the company list
  2. Click the “Discounts” button
  3. Select your discount profile and an expiry date (You can set this far in the future if you want it permanently applied) and click Apply
  4. The selected discount will now apply to any current and future billing profiles that are selected in the discount profile.

To Remove a discount. Click on the Discounts button and then “Clear”

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