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Custom License Billing

With Sync 365 License you have a range of options to generate the quantity of what you are billing.

From using an AzureAD Group to bill for all your managed users, through to billing per mailbox or for all active Azure users.

  • Per Mailbox (Active user mailbox only)
  • Per Mailbox (shared mailbox only)
  • Per Mailbox (Shared and user mailboxes – great for anti spam billing)
  • Linked to an Office 365 license count – Great to keep things in line with the number of 365 licenses. I.e. Backupify or Skykick
  • Based on the users in Office 365/Azure AD (additionally filtering by licensed and by the domain name in their UPN)
  • Based on a group in Azure AD
    • We will evaluate members of the group that are a “User” type.
    • We will go 1 level deep on nested groups
      • I.e. If you have a group within your group, we will count users in the main group and users in the nested group to get the total count. We will only go 1 level deep.

Adding a custom license

Open the sync agreements page for the company you would like to create a custom license billing sync for

  1. Open the company that you would like to create a custom license for
  2. Scroll down to the custom license section and click on “Add custom license”
  3. Provide a name for the license and select if you would like it to either
    1. Count user mailbox
    2. Count shared mailbox (tick both of these to count both user and shared)
    3. Select a license from the company to copy its quantity
    4. Azure AD Users
      1. Count only licensed users
      2. Count users with a specific domain name in their UPN
    5. Users in an Azure AD Group
      1. Enter the name of the group

  4. Click save
  5. Select your options as normal for this new license.
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