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Create a billing profile

Billing profiles are the backbone of S365L. This is how you specify the product to use in an agreement and the agreement types it can be used in.

You can choose to specify a custom price or use the price from the connectwise product.

We recommend creating billing profiles for all the types of 365 licenses and billing frequencies you provide. I.e. Office 365 business premium – Monthly, Office 365 business premium – Annual so you can effectively add the licenses to your clients agreements.

  1. Click the billing profiles tab
  2. Click the + to add a new profile 
  3. Add a name for the billing profile i.e. Office 365 Business Premium – Monthly
  4. Select the agreement types from Manage that you would like to be able to sync the license to. I.e. you may have an agreement type of “Office 365 Licenses”. If you select this, you will only see agreements of that type when trying to match this billing profile to an agreement.
    1. You can select one or multiple
  5. Select the product from Manage
    1. If you would like to set this billing profile up to bill a custom price, tick the box and set the price you would like
  6. Select the Billable Option, if you would like to have it add to connectwise as Billable/Non Billable/No Charge
  7. Save the billing profile
  8. Repeat for all billing profiles and license types you would like to use
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