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Connect Office 365 licenses to a billing profile

Now that you have customers in the system, you will want to link their licenses to a billing profile. This allows the system to automate the billing process and save you valuable time.

  1. Click on the Customers tab
    1. This will list all customers you have added to the system
  2. For the customer you would like to set up a profile for click the sync agreement button in the actions column
  3. You will see a list of the customers licenses displayed, along with if they are currently linked to an agreement and billing profile and how many are unused.
  4. Click the license you would like to select a billing profile for
  5. Select the relevant billing profile you have created
  6. Select the agreement for the company that it should sync to
    1. Note: it will only list agreements that are active and are the type you have added to the billing profile
    2. It will give you a preview of the settings so you can check it is correct
    3. If you would like to list the usernames on the invoice tick “Add usernames to invoice description”
    4. If you would like to set a minimum quantity to sync, please enter your minimum quantity
  7. Save the link to the billing profile
  8. This license will now sync through to the selected agreement in manage daily
    1. If you would like to force a sync, click on the license and click “sync now” this should show up on your manage agreement within a few seconds.


Occasionally you will have some licenses that you do not want to bill. These are typically flow free licenses or similar and you do not want to be notified that they are not getting billed.

  1. Click on the license you do not want to bill.
  2. Instead of selecting a billing profile, click “Do not bill” and then click save.
  3. This will exclude this license from any sync and notifications.
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