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Bulk Cancel Connectwise Additions

To make it easy for our clients to convert from CloudConsole, Unite, manual billing or other software to Sync 365 License, we have developed a great tool that will help to optimise the conversion process.

This tool will look for any active additions with the details you specify across selected customers you have added to Sync 365 License and cancel them all to a date of your choosing in bulk!
This makes the process of getting up and running with S365L easy!

We recommend setting up your new sync with Sync 365 License by starting all of your new license sync’s with an override start date for the start of next month.

Then you can do a bulk cancel of the existing agreements for the end of the current month. This will line up the invoicing to convert you to the new automatic billing.

NOTE: You can only select customers already added into Sync 365 License

Cancelling Additions in Bulk

  1. Log into S365L
  2. Add your customers and link their licenses to your agreements
  3. Select “Tools and Logs” > Bulk cancel additions
    1. Select the company/companies from the drop down
    2. Enter in the serial number to look for
      1. For Cloud Console this is “Cloudconsole”
      2. For Unite this is “Unite”
      3. If you have manually added additions, you can leave this blank to find additions with no serial number
    3. Tick the box for “List the agreements added to S365L to only search in agreements that have been mapped to with S365L. Or leave unticked to search all for the customer
    1. Click next
  4. When the page loads you will be presented with a list of companies and the relevant active additions.
  5. Tick the additions you would like to cancel, select the date to cancel it and click “Set cancel addition”
  6. Your additions will be cancelled with the end date you selected.

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