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Bill by Subscription ID

In some occasions you may have a client that has multiple subscriptions for a license. These may include subscriptions that you to not provide so you may need to bill them by your specific subscription ID instead of for their whole license count.

With Sync 365 License, we can easily achieve this.

How To

From your company listing in Sync 365 License, select the “agreement sync” action.

Tick the “Bill by Subscription ID’s” box in the top right and click yes on the warning.
This will split out the subscription ID’s for any licenses the client has.
NOTE: If you currently have a sync profile set up, this will remove it. If you are not connecting this to the same billing profile and agreement in connectwise, you may need to cancel the old product addition on the agreement in Connectwise.

You will now see each of the subscriptions next to a license and be able to assign a billing profile to them as normal.

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