Azure CSP Billing

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To mostly automate your Azure CSP billing we have provided a function to allow you to upload your CSV reconcilliation file and automatically bill your customers in Connectwise!

There are a couple components to this

  1. Setting up your billing profile
  2. Setting up your CSV mapping
  3. Adding your customers and select details to show

Note: Adding a customer for Azure billing increases your company license count

Setting up your billing profile

  1. To get started click on Billing Profile > Azure Billing Profile
  2. Add a new billing profile
  3. Set your profile name, agreement type and select the Connectwise product to use
  4. For pricing you can either do a % markup, or a fixed amount to add to it.
  5. Save the profile and add another if you wish

Setting up your CSV mapping

You will need a CSV file from your CSP vendor (or microsoft if you are a direct CSP).

You will need to match the relevant fields in the CSV to our system fields to automate billing.

  1. Select Billing Profile > Azure CSV Mapping
  2. Upload your CSV file
  3. Match the fields to the relevant field in your CSV
    1. Amount field = this will be the amount that the percentage or fixed price will be applied to. Typically this will be a cost price in your CSV.
      The alternative is to use “Multiple certain fields” and we can generate the RRP price to charge. (Use a 0% billing profile to charge RRP)
  4. Save your CSV mapping

Multiple Certain Fields

This is used to multiple up to 3 fields on the csv to create an RRP price to charge the customer.
This would typically be quantity and RRP price.
If you work with multiple currencies, this can also be used to select the exchange rate field in your CSV.

  1. Tick the Multiple Certain Fields box while adding your mapping
  2. Select your UnitPrice field and BillableQuantity field
  3. If you have a different base exchange rate, select the column that shows this rate.
    If you do not have this, tick the box to exclude it
  4. Save your mapping

Adding customers and selecting details for the invoice

With Sync 365 License you can add as much or as little to the invoice as you like!

Just want to show the service type and nothing else? Sure
Want to show every service, the resource type, quantity and price? You can do that to!

  1. Select Company > Azure
  2. Add a company
  3. Select your customer and the billing profile to assign
  4. Select their agreement to bill to
  5. Tick the items you would like to add to the invoice. For example, we can show the service type, quantity and amount like this
  6. To clean things up, you can additionally exclude items that are under a certain price.
    Tick the exclude amount and enter the price you would like to exclude under to hide them from the invoice description. NOTE: These will still add to the total price.
  7. An example of the invoice detail is:

Billing Azure Usage

Now that you are set up and ready to go you can start billing your Azure consumption.

This is the process you can take at the start of each month to add Azure consumption to all of your customers that you provide Azure services for.

  1. Select Company > Azure
  2. Click “Upload a file” in the top right
  3. Select your CSV reconciliation file and upload it
  4. Select your “Bill For” month
  5. We will list all found companies in your CSV. Any that are not currently matched to a company you added to Sync 365 License Azure Billing will show at the bottom. This will allow you to link them to a company for future Azure Billing
    1. Select the company to match them to and save the mapping.
  6. Click “Save Azure Billing” when you are ready and we will add the product to the connectwise agreements