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Autotask API Configuration

Autotask is a supported PSA that you can connect to, allowing you to automate your Office 365 License Billing and more!

This article runs through the steps to setup Autotask API in Sync 365 License

Create an API User

Follow the instructions from Autotask to create a new API user – Adding or editing an API user (autotask.net)  (NAVIGATION   > Admin > Company Settings & Users > Resources/Users (HR) > Resources/Users (HR) > Resources/Users > New > New API User)

You can assign a default system API level to the API user. If you would like to lock this down, we will need the following permissions:

  •  Contracts
    • View all and Add
    • Can modify Service/Bundle on contract charges
    • Contract Visibility: Full
  • CRM
    • Customer and cancellations: All
    • Accounts: Add/edit
    • Contacts: Add
  • Inventory
    • Items: View all
    • Products: view all
    • Product notes Edit all
  • Admin
    • Accounts & Contacts
    • Products, services & inventory
    • Contracts & Un-Posting
  • Web Services API
    • Can login to Web Services API

Add your PSA to Sync 365 License

  1. Log into Sync 365 License
  2. Select Tools and Logs > Integration Settings
  3. Add a new PSA > Select Autotask
    1. Zone: This is your webservices zone. If you look at your autotask URL it will be something like ww2.autotask.net
      1. Take the number in the first ww section: In this case you would enter “webservices2” in the zone field
    2. API Username
    3. API Password
    4. Select Default if this is your only PSA
    5. Test and save
  4. If we could connect and get access this will grab your customers, contracts and services.
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