Adding Office 365 partner account or global admin

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To get license details, we need to connect to Office 365. There are 2 ways we can achieve this.

  1. Through your Microsoft partner account
    1. This is the account you use in the MS partnercenter which gives the listing of your client accounts that have provided you with delegated admin and you can manage them.
  2. With the Global Administrator of the Office 365 tenant

Microsoft Partner Account

We recommend that you use a partner account that has delegated admin permissions to your customer accounts. To work correctly, this account needs to have MFA (multi factor authentication) disabled (Or a trustedip exception entered, currently Beta testing this).

Note:If you have password reset enabled in your Azure, ensure this account is excluded or you log in and provide the additional information required to azure first or it will prevent a successful connection.

We recommend adding a specific sync account to your tenant, using a complex password and providing that account with access to your customers in the partner center. This link provides details on assigning an account permissions in your partner centre, or you can use the short steps after to complete this.

The short steps to do this are

  1. Log in to the partner centre
  2. Click the settings cog in the top right and select “User Management”
  3. Select the user you want to use from the list
  4. Set the permission for “Assists your customers as” and select admin agent
  5. Update the account

Adding a delegated admin account for sync

  1. From your Sync 365 License dashboard, click on the Customers tab
    1. Click the delegated admin tab
  2. Click the + to add a new delegated admin
  3. Add your username and password for the account that has delegated admin access to your customers
  4. Save the account
    1. This will take a few seconds as it will confirm that it can use the account.
  5. Ensure it shows a tick under Credentials validated
    1. If the credentials fail to validate, check that the email and password has been entered correctly. Test this by logging into and ensure it is not asking for any additional information.