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Adding customer accounts

Now that you have a delegated admin account saved, you can easily add your customers.

  1. Click on the Company tab
  2. Click the + to add the customer
  3. In Company Details, Select the company from Manage
  4. Move the slider to on for “Delegated admin” to use your saved delegated admin account
  5. Select which delegated admin to use (if using multiple)
    1. Set the Slider to “on” to use a delegated partner account and select the partner account to use
    2. Select the customer tenant from the list that you would like to sync
    3. Save the customer

Adding accounts with the Global admin login

You may also choose to use a global admin account to link a specific customer tenant. This can be useful if you have not been given delegated administrator rights to the customers tenant.

This account needs to have MFA (multi factor authentication) disabled and at a minimum be provided with the access levels of billing administrator and user administrator (user administrator only required if you would like to display the account names on the invoice).

Note: Please ensure you can log in and it does not prompt you for any additional information required i.e. if password reset is enabled, it will prompt for the verification options until they are completed and this will prevent us from being able to connect with it.

  1. From your dashboard, click on companies
  2. Click to add a company
  3. Select the company from Manage
  4. Enter in the global administrator username and password for that tenant
  5. Save the customer
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